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Ag Unlimited Organics (AUO) is a wholesale supplier of home and garden products, we
specialize in organic fertility and pest control, soilless mediums, planting mediums, soil microbiology and other products that enhance and preserve the natural ecosystems that we cultivate.

AUO operates in the Northern California foot print; we service customers from the Monterey Bay Peninsula to the Oregon border and throughout the Central Valley and Sierra Nevada’s. Our mission is to provide nurseries, home and garden centers and farm supply stores with a complete line of soil and plant inputs, backed by our knowledgeable sales staff. We pride ourselves in providing our stores with the latest in growing technology, innovation and information.

AUO has been serving Northern California since 2006, however the parent companies to AUO have been involved in the agricultural industry dating back to the 1950’s. We are staffed with licensed pest control advisers and certified crop advisers with over 200 years of experience in integrated pest management and agronomy. The products offered by AUO have undergone rigorous scrutiny and are only brought to market after careful verification of agronomic claims. If you are an established retail business looking for the latest in fertilizer technology, pest control  or soil enhancement products don’t hesitate to call our highly qualified garden care specialists today!

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